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We're super excited for you to see all our new shows in an organized fashion, so we created this blog. Our new site on was going to go live about a week ago, but due to COVID-19 it probably won't go live for another couple weeks. Such is life! We roll with the punches!

In the meantime, we are going to make posts here on our new blog so you can easily find the all the information, articles, videos, and shows we post.

The new shows we are releasing will be listed in the pages above: Mayor's Update, Business Buzz, and Art Beat are the ones we have currently had time to organize and embed. Additional shows will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

Each time we record a new show we'll update the show page.

We're also doing daily posts and sharing information on our Facebook page, follow it to stay informed:

*If you enjoy our shows, event coverage, and posts - please support our work through our Establish Media Patreon Page, which we also just took live! 

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