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Welcome to Art Beat where we check in with artists of all types to chat about their life and work. 

During this time we're promoting the hashtag #ARTsolation for use on instagram so creatives can stay connected through art.

What we’re working on is curating an online art project using the hashtag #artsolation. We’re living in a surreal time where our day to day lives have been completely altered and instead of following our calendar into the events we had planned in the world we’re planning how to spend our time at home.
As artists, during this time of isolation, we can stay connected by creating and sharing our work with our community. Join us and join the conversation by tagging your instagram posts with the hashtag #artsolation. Whether it’s through visual art, dance, music, theatre, flower arrangement, poetry - or any of the arts - make a post and share it. We look forward to seeing your posts.

Other people around the world have already begun using this hashtag so your posts will join a worldwide artistic conversation. Each week we will select several local pieces to feature in an Art Beat post. 

If you enjoy these shows and want to see them continue, please support our work through our Patreon Page.

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Musician/Photographer John Milles on #ARTsolation Update for Art Beat

Artist/Blacksmith Scott McKay on #ARTsolation Update for Art Beat 

What is #ARTsolation? How can you participate?

Jeorge Withajay on Art Beat - COVID-19 Check-In Episode 3 (April 12)
Exclusive preview of "The Father Song" at 5:45mins in.
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Deni Gauthier on Art Beat - Episode 2 (April 2)

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Laing Studios is a media studio, run by Grayden Laing, that provides quality video production at an affordable price. Grayden also takes painting commissions (landscapes, buildings, portraits, pets) and teaches art, photography, and animation classes when global pandemics don't require social distancing.

If you want to help support the slate of shows that we are rolling out you can help by coming on as a sponsor (email for details) or by becoming a Patron through the Establish Media Patreon Account.

Jeorge Withajay on Art Beat - Episode 1 (Mar 14)
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