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Business Buzz is here to celebrate, promote, and check-in with all the amazing businesses and business focused organizations we have in the area.

In the months since it was put into development, everything has changed. So we've changed the format as well. Now we're doing it live while following social distancing safety protocols. It adds a little more creativity on the production side, but as entrepreneurs we're all used to jumping through hoops, so what's another couple thrown into the mix?

This is going to be an interesting journey. Welcome to the ride!

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COVID-19 Business Buzz:  Caps Off Brewing Company (April 6)


Thanks to our show sponsors:

Redding Designs Inc - Custom Website Design Studio is a creative bunch of guys that are passionate about design and functionality. From start to finish your site will be developed by amazing graphic designers and programmers, ensuring that your site will be awesome! They are located at 555 Talbot Street East, Aylmer.

Laing Studios is a media studio, run by Grayden Laing, that provides quality video production at an affordable price. Grayden also takes painting commissions (landscapes, buildings, portraits, pets) and teaches art, photography, and animation classes when global pandemics don't require social distancing. 

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COVID-19 Business Buzz: Two Forks (April 4)


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