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During the outbreak of COVID-19 it's harder than ever to connect people up with services and products available in our community, because of this, we created this page so you can know what businesses are open and what options are available for pick-up and delivery.

We will continue to update this list as we have time. Please click the links to visit the businesses Facebook pages or websites as store hours, pick-up, delivery, and online ordering options will continue to fluctuate. These are the stores that we have confirmed are open - we will add to the list as we information and time.

All the best during this time, stay safe!

Marty Lewis and Grayden Laing (Establish Media Co-Founders)

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Sanitization, Disinfectant, and Cleansing Products

Van Pelt's Business Solutions 
800 Talbot Street, St Thomas
(519) 631-4407
Hours: 10am-4pm
Pickup and Delivery (Call Ahead to Order)

633 Talbot Street, St Thomas
Hours: Virtually 24/7
Free delivery in St. Thomas ($20+ Purchase), in London ($50+ Purchase)
Pickup and Delivery (Message on Facebook to Order)

Corner Stores with Gas & Alcohol

10090 Wellington Rd, St Thomas
(519) 633-0002
Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30am-8:30pm, Sat 8:00am-8:00pm, Sun 9:00am-7:00pm
Alcohol sales start at 9am, as per government guidelines.

Health and Beauty Supplies

Yurek Pharmacy
519 Talbot Street, St Thomas
(519) 631-3330
Visit Website for Hours
Store Open, Pickup and Delivery (Call Ahead to Order)

445 Talbot Street, St Thomas
(519) 518-2757 (messages are being answered)
Hours: 10:00am-5:00pm
$5 for delivery or free delivery in St. Thomas ($25+ Purchase)
Curbside Pickup, Online Ordering (Message on Facebook to Order)

204 First Ave, St Thomas
(519) 633-3070
Hours: 8:00am-10:00pm

107 Edward St Unit 101, St Thomas
(519) 633-4402
Hours: 8:00am-10:00pm

410 Talbot, St Thomas
(519) 631-2300
Hours: 9:00am-7:00pm

Cedarhurst Salon & Spa
76 Talbot, St Thomas
(519) 631-7629
Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm
Open for gift certificates and all retail. Drive up "no touch" pickup or delivery available. 

Artisan Shops

A Handmade Tale
Handmade/handcrafted/DIY Apparel and accessories
626 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
Hours: 24/7
(519) 207-7000
Deliveries Twice Weekly

Help For Businesses

300 S Edgeware Rd, St Thomas, ON N5P 4L1
(519) 671-0365 (Barry Fitzgerald)
Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm
Closed to public but working remotely

300 S Edgeware Rd, St Thomas, ON N5P 4L1
(519) 633-7597
Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm
Closed to public but working remotely

378 Talbot St., St. Thomas
(226) 377-0064 (Tara McCaulley)
Closed to public but working remotely


The Auto Guys
135 Edward Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-7117
Hours: 8:00am-5:30pm
No contact drop-off and pick-up. Offering pick-up and return of your vehicle.

Fixed Right Automotive Inc.
165 Edward Street, St. Thomas
(519) 633-1633
Hours: 8:00am-5:30pm
No contact drop-off and pick-up. Store is open, limited customers inside.

McGregor Auto Parts
44267 Elm Line, St Thomas
(519) 631-4801
Please Call Ahead

NAPA Auto Parts
52 Moore street
(519) 631-8400
Mon-Fri 8-6, Sat 8-1, Sun 11-2
Curb side only no cash

The CAR Shop
280 Edward St, St Thomas
(519) 633-2277
Mon-Fri 8-6

Audio Visual

Century Sound Sales & Service
930 Talbot Street, St Thomas
(519) 633-5404
Daily 9am-5pm
Orders via email or by phone

Hardware Stores

Geerlinks Home Hardware Building Centre & Furniture
295 Wellington St, St Thomas
(519) 631-2910
Pick Up, Delivery

Gardening and Landscaping

269 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas
(519) 631-7264
Curb side only no cash

Forest of Flowers
269 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas
(519) 631-7264

Curb side only no cash

42488 Ron McNeil Line, St. Thomas
(519) 668-9537
Curb side only no cash

Silverthorn Landscape Supplies
46400 Talbot Line RR#3, St Thomas
(519) 756-2379
Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm
Contactless deliveries and in-yard pick-ups - call for instructions

Food & Beverage Services

Grocery & Food Stores

Briwood Farm Market
1030 Talbot St, St Thomas
(519) 633-9691
Store Open, Delivery and Pick up Also Available

Food Basics
780 Talbot St, St Thomas
(519) 633-9528
Store Open

Port Stanley Foodland
291 Colborne St, Port Stanley
(519) 782-3315
Store Open, Delivery and Pick up Also Available

St. Thomas Foodland 
20 William St, St Thomas
(519) 633-9370
Store Open, Delivery and Pick up Also Available

St. Thomas FreshCo
1010 Talbot St Unit #1, St Thomas
(519) 637-8570
Store Open

Real Canadian Superstore
1063 Talbot St unit 50, St Thomas
(519) 637-6358
Store Open, Delivery and Pick up Also Available

Steelhead Food Co.
5 Barrie Boulevard, St. Thomas
(519) 631-5215
Store Open, Delivery and Pick up Also Available

Charlton's Quality Meats
273 Ross St, St. Thomas
(519) 631-2340
9:00 to 5:00. Tuesday thru Saturday
Call to place an order

Beverage Services

Simply Pure Water
123 Wellington St, St Thomas
(519) 637-3306
Store Open, Delivery and Pick up Also Available

Caps Off Brewing
168 Curtis St Unit C, St Thomas
(519) 280-3244
Location Pickup, Delivery (Please Call)

Railway City Brewing
130 Edward Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-1881
Location Pickup, Online Ordering, Delivery (Please Call)

Quai du Vin
45811 Fruit Ridge Line, St Thomas
(519) 775-2216
Location PickupOnline Ordering, Delivery (Please Call)

Las Chicas Del Café
750 Talbot St. Unit 105. East End of CASO station, St. Thomas
(519) 652-3642
Online Ordering:

Wild Flowers Farm
42338 Fruit Ridge Line, St Thomas
(226) 926-6432
Free Delivery to St. Thomas and Port Stanley on orders $10+

Natterjack Brewing
25292 Talbot Line, West Lorne, ON
(226) 289-1472
Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12-5
Offering cans and growler fills. Take out, curb-side, local deliveries. Call for more info.


Chick Boss Cake
381 Talbot Street, St Thomas
(226) 663-7970
Free Delivery to St. Thomas and Port Stanley on orders $10+

Seed Confections
159 Ross Street, St Thomas
(519) 207-4060
Online Ordering, Free Delivery (No Minimums)

The Ice Box
125 Ross Street, St. Thomas
(226) 289-2235
Ice Cream & Fro-Yo with Toppings! 
15% of all proceeds gets donated back to the community; inquire on how we can support you!


Asuka Japanese Cuisine
825 Talbot St, St Thomas
(519) 207-8888
Take Out, Delivery

Braxtons Tap & Grill
1093 Talbot St, St Thomas
(519) 207-2728
Take Out, Delivery

Le Cafe Siam
392 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 637-2287
Take Out, Delivery

Legends Tavern
600 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 637-1567
Take Out, Delivery

Lotus Thai Restaurant
295 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
Take Out, Delivery

Lucky Garden Restaurant
10 Princess Ave, St Thomas
(519) 631-5150
Take Out, Delivery

Lucky Kitchen Buffet
515 Talbot St, St Thomas
(519) 631-8818
Take Out, Delivery

Ollee’s Bar & Eatery
146 5th Ave, St. Thomas
(519) 633-8759
Take Out & Delivery

St. Thomas Roadhouse
837 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 637-2220
Take Out & Delivery

Streamliners Espresso Bar
767 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-0999
Temporarily Closed

Your Fish & Chips
644 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-3202
Temporarily Closed

Why Not Cookies Cafe
373 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 878-6249
Take Out & Delivery


Al’s Pizzeria
310 Wellington Street, St. Thomas
(519) 633-1688
Delivery, Pick up, Take Out

Al’s Pizzeria
114 Confederation Drive, St. Thomas
(519) 633-1600
Delivery, Pick up, Take Out

Boston Pizza
860 Talbot Street, St Thomas
(519) 631-7007
Take Out, Delivery

Chef Bondi’s Pizza
640 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-0845
Delivery, Pick up, Take Out

Domino’s Pizza
965 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 633-3123
Delivery, Pick up, Take Out

Little Caesars
308 Wellington Street, St. Thomas
(519) 633-9830
Delivery, Pick up, Take Out

Pizza Tonite
296 Wellington Street, St. Thomas
(519) 633-2222
Delivery, Pick up, Take Out

534 Elm Street, St. Thomas
(519) 633-8700
Delivery, Pick up, Take Out

Pizza Hut
985 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 633-6066
Delivery, Pick up, Take Out

Lakeview Pizza in the City
71 Ross Street, St. Thomas
(519) 637-0800
Delivery, Pick up, Take Out

Mikey’s Pizzeria
100 Wilson Ave, St.Thomas
(519) 207-9001
Delivery, Pick up, Take Out

Fast Food

Wendy’s St.Thomas
1063 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-8410
Take Out, Drive Thru

1010 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 637-9864
Drive Thru

1010 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-3238
Pick Up 

Burger King
939 Talbot Street, St.Thomas
(519) 631-9107
Drive Thru

Dairy Queen
417 Wellington Street, St. Thomas
(519) 637-2542
Take Out

Harry’s Charcoal Broiled
891 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631- 3713
Pick Up, Delivery

Harvey’sSwiss Chalet
1014 Talobot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 637-7280
Drive Thru, Pick Up

St. Thomas KFC
979 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-7881
Pick Up, Delivery

St. Thomas McDonald’s 
955 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-1950
Drive Thru

St. Thomas Mr. Sub
930 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-4314
Pick Up

St. Thomas Pita Pit 
877 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 633-5569
Pick Up, Delivery

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen
965 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-6422
Pick Up, Take Out

Shebaz's Shawarma & Falafel
245 Edgeware Road, St. Thomas (Ultramar Gas Bar)
(548) 788-1105
Open until 8pm.
Pre-Order, Delivery

Snack Wacky Foods
75 Burwell Road, St. Thomas
(519) 617-1353
Pick Up

Subway (5 St. Thomas Locations)
181 Talbot St
965 Talbot St Unit 5
188 Sunset Dr
417 Wellington St
400 Highbury Ave S
Pick Up

St. Thomas Taco Bell
950 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 633-3370
Drive Thru 

Tim Hortons (8 St. Thomas Locations)
546 Talbot St
191 Talbot Street West
995 Talbot St E
60 Elm St
280 Elm St
145 S Edgeware Rd
1204 Talbot St
400 Highbury Ave S
Drive Thru


Aline's Fine Lingerie
565 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-2253
Virtual operation - Free delivery in St. Thomas plus $15 shipping option - message them on Facebook or email

730 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-6461
Virtual operation - please call

Mugford Shoes
429 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-0755
Virtual operation - call or send message

689-691 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 633-1214
Virtual operation - please call

Tshirt Junction
321 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 633-6213
Virtual operation - online sales through website


Oh My Fur and Whiskers
257 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 207-PETS (7387)
Virtual operation - call or message online to arrange order, they will deliver to your door

Global Pet Foods
900 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 2017-3663
Curbside pickup

Trade Services

Ambrose Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
1227 Talbot Street, St. Thomas
(519) 631-5011
Emergency plumbing services and curb-side pickup for product. Call 519-631-5011

Transportation and Mobility

JR'S E-bikes
Mobility products serviced here.
28 Princess Ave, St. Thomas
(519) 637-8327

*More posts to come


  1. Does anyone know if the chinese food place at elgin mall is open or has delivery or pickup? Thanks in advance

  2. St Thomas Tire Service is also open, under Automotive


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